About Us

National Resources Group Holdings (HK) Limited was founded in 2004. Through our licensed subsidiaries and associated companies, we engage principally in diversified business including mortgage finance consultant services, personal loan, entrepreneurial finance, commercial lending, financial services, trading and logistics finance, and securities investment etc.

Since established, our company have been upholding the belief of “serving our privileged customers first” . With creative minds, up-to-the-minute market updates, and preservative yet sound operations, we endeavor to provide flexible, efficient, and tailor-made quality financial services to individuals as well as small and medium enterprises including corporate financing solutions, import/export-related financial services, and loan products etc. With the help of a comprehensive and reliable financial information and thorough risk research and analysis, we also invest in international stocks and financial instruments. As a whole, our Group is a well-developed and sound financial institution committed to diverse business.