Mortgage Loan

National Resources Group is a financial institution, which holds money lender licences and is also a member of the Licence Money Lenders Association. We aim to provide quality mortgage and loan services to Hong Kong residents.

In addition to offering general mortgage services, we also provide Personal Unsecured Loan to those owners whose flats are under the Home Ownership Scheme and Tenant Purchase Scheme with unpaid land premium. We are committed to offering tailor-made loan services, relieving customers’ burden of high interest rate loans and relaxing their pressing needs as well as improving their quality of life.

Securities Investment

Through investing in major global stock markets, our group widens our scope of investments with diversified stock portfolios covering Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, United States markets as well as financial products in mainland China etc. Securities investment is a main part of our business scope, which enables us to make our business keep at a diversifying, stable and balanced pace.

In regard to our investment strategy, we are committed to establishing a systematic mega database through reliable macroscopic financial information and analytical tools. In light of market conditions and flexible investment, we capture various investment opportunities so as to sustain our long-term capital growth.

Our experienced and professional team is specialized in analyzing financial products. We also provide a promising career path to nurture aspiring talents for the future development, strengthen our workforce and enhance our long-term human resources in the long run.

Business Profile – Trade Finance

Regarding the problem of the lack of funds faced by most small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), our group will provide such enterprises with financing in the short to medium term to resolve their financial problems.

Upon receipts of the relevant information and genuine documentation, we will carry out analyses and assessments. After the process, we will provide funds to clients to facilitate payments of manufacturing or purchase of goods . Meanwhile, we are able to assist in monitoring the entire transaction process to ensure that the settlement is carried out appropriately and properly so as to avoid risks from incurring bad debts, which affect the generated profits.

We grant funds based on the transaction’s authenticity and its feasibility. Furthermore, the information provided by the client(s) is also crucial as it enables us to have a better and full picture of the transaction process. By means of our prudential measures, we are able to minimize credit risk and achieve a win-win situation.