Community services

Business-Oriented Supplemented by Social Welfare

Extending our passion to society

Our company is not only developing progressively in business but also focusing on our social responsibility to the community. We advocate “Business Complemented by Social Services” and truly believe that business and social welfare are complementary to each other.

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Community Involvement


Mask Distribution at Housing Estate


Home Visits for Living Alone Elderly

Measure Blood Pressure for Elderly


Underprivileged Family Visit


Community Caring Event

In recent years, the staff has been actively involved in voluntary works at “Shun Yu Charity Foundation”. The works include: to set up health stations at several public housing estates to measure blood pressure for the public, to visit and care for the needy, especially the living-alone elderly persons, to help solve problems, to organize activities for charity events.


If we can do charity work well, we will be able to overcome challenges and play to our strengths in the face of the changing business environment.