Promotion Paths

The promotion will be solely dependent on an individual’s competence and performance

Standard promotion

The candidates will be given the promotion if he/she fully fulfilled the requirements in work performance and qualifications.

Management Trainee program

Every trainee will be provided a comprehensive On-the-job training under the guidance and supervision of senior officers. The trainees will have the chance of assuming management level positions within the company based on their performance and expertise, transforming into the future leaders of the Group.

Arrangement for Advanced studies
for Professional Qualifications

Under the “Continuing Education Allowance Scheme”, our staff are encouraged to take appropriate courses to obtain recognized professional qualifications in finance, insurance, financial accounting, and social work. Employees will be given “ Exam Leave” upon taking examinations so as to work as best as they can.

Create a unique individual profile on social platforms

Our company will help build up social networking profiles for our employees across wide ranges of scopes, including international perspectives, insightful ways of thinking, and critical analysis, in order to explore more opportunities on the platforms and also expand their network.