Our company has a well-structured training system for our staff to help enhance their ability and offer better career advancement through “internship”, “internal training” and “professional training

Our Training Scheme


Get to know the company culture by working in business and charity events. The trainee will have an in-depth understanding of the department structure, workflow, and the corresponding duties. They will be assigned to our headquarters and receive on-the-job training under the guidance of the department head of our company.

Internal training

Based on the individual work performance and ability, the employees will be assigned different trainings offered by the department head

Professional training

Under our “ continuing education allowance”  scheme, employees are encouraged to enroll in different related courses to obtain recognized professional qualifications in finance, insurance, financial accounting, and even social work.

Continuing Education Allowance  Scheme

  • Tuition fee subsidy
  • Flexible working hours
  • Exam leave

NR Advanced Study Allowance Scheme

Our company has been encouraging employees to apply for different professional courses for self-enhancement. As an employer, our company has set up a “Continuing Education Allowance” scheme to subsidize our staff to enroll in various courses and obtain different professional qualifications

  • Financial practitioner license
  • Insurance practitioner license
  • Qualification of Financial Accounting
  • Registered social worker qualification (and others)